Flying to the Land of the Jews

It’s been over a year since I hopped on the plane that would take me here in Israel. Leaving my family, my friends, my comfort zone, and the life I’ve always known. That experience was one of the most terryfing and exciting thing that I’ve ever done in my humble 24 years of existence. As it is my first time out of the country, the realization that I am leaving the comforts of home and facing a foreign country on my own scared the wits out of me but there is no turning back. I’ve reached this far and the only way forme is going forward.

Back in early 2015, it never crossed my mind that I would ever be going to Israel to work. It was not in my plans. But fast forward to October, after long months of processing for my Working Visa, I found myself waking up in the plane, ready for landing at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. That was when realization hit me that this is real, I AM HERE. 

The first thing that greeted me that day was the misty sunrise of Israel. That’s when I thought that it’s going to be a tough journey but I am here, this doesn’t happen just for anybody. I am here, in the land that many people dreamed of travelling. I am here, I will be working but I have the privilege to travel around the nooks and corners of this country. I am here, it would be scary to go out and about not knowing their language but I would be walking on endless possiblities. I am here and I’m blessed, simply because I AM HERE. 

I Am Here! 


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