Winter Attraction in Israel: SNOW

I also thought of what’s on your mind right now. SNOW? In Israel? But that’s a desert country. 
You are actually right. Israel is a desert country. But on winter season, the brown lands of Israel turns into an oasis of green fields with luscious trees, grass and wild flowers. Don’t get me wrong, the Southern Region is still as dry as any desert but the Northern Region wouldn’t look like a desert at all. And in the Northernmost part of the country, the one that borders Syria, is a Winter Wonderland. 

Mt Hermon Ski Resort in the Northern Region of Israel
For someone who grew up from a tropical country, experiencing snow is one of our bucketlists. And I’m happy that I’ve finally checked that off! Everything was fun, the cable ride, sliding down on a sledge, and simply having fun running around or sitting on the snow makes me feel like a kid again. The adrenaline rush of experiencing something new is always overwhelming. ❄️❄️❄️

Cable ride to reach the top of the mountain.
Our view from our cable car: Ski trails and skiers below us. This is now in my bucketlist: Skiing

But before all the fun started, everyone recieved some bad news. Upon learning that the snow melted already the previous day, I actually felt disappointed that maybe this trip will not be as fun as I expected it to be. Because what’s the use of travelling 5hrs to see the snow when there’s NO SNOW…??? 😭

This greeted us as we arrived in the ski resort. Just specs of snow.
Piles and piles of snow at the top of the mountain. Restored our faith that we’ll have a great time here.
Glistening white snow everywhere you look at!
Won’t pass up a chance for a photo on the snow. And it started to fog!

From the photos of some friends who went for a trip there, everything was really covered in snow. Thick, white, glistening snow. But when we actually got there, I can hear people saying that it’s not as good right now because there’s a lot of areas of the mountain that doesn’t have snow. The brown bald spots ruins their picture perfect imgination of the mountain.

On the otherhand, I find it quiet more beautiful with those brown areas without snow on them. They add depth to the picturesque beauty of the snow. The contrast between the whiteness of the snow and the dark earth adds to make it picture perfect and appealing. Because really, in pictures, those large areas of whites are not as pretty without something in contrast. 😉

The adventure doesn’t stop at the top of the mountain. This is our view on our cable car going down.
We are already on our way down but there are actually more tourists just going up to the top. About an hour after it started to drizzle.

And by now, I guess you’ll get the gist about how crazy I could get over skeleton trees. 🌲💚

These trees are so mystical.

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