Chasing Sunrise at Masada Fortress

Sunrises holds a special place for me. Not because it’s one of the best time to take great photos, but more becuase of the surreal feeling it evokes in me. It feels so special and surreal how another day starts, how light cpatures your deepest thoughts, and how your inner self feels contented and calm. 

I’ve lived most of my life somewhere where I’m blessed to see beautiful sunrises. However, when I moved to work here in Israel it has became rare that I’d be able to witness it. So when we planned a trip to the Masada Fortress, I was so excited. 

It has always been on my travel list to experience sunrise or sunsets somewhere. My bucketlist is not just to go sightseeing to popular landmarks but more importantly to witness sunrise or sunsets around the world. And experiencing it on the top af a mountain in the middle of the dessert is really special. 

Masada Fortress overlooking the Dead Sea at sunrise.

We took the shorter trail going to the top. The trail was just 15minutes and easy but still it was exhausting. 
But if you love hiking, there’s a longer trail that takes about an hour to get to the top. Cable rides are also available in that trail so if you are too tired, you can take it going down. And for those who would still like to experience Masada but has difficulty hiking, you can take the cable ride going to the top and going back down.


It was a little tiring to hike but all your worries will be gone once you see the views from above. It so surreal to watch how the sunlight makes everything red and majestic.

The ruins at the top of the Masada Fortress. This place holds a very significant event in the history of Jews. Here you can see the Dead Sea and the Jordanian border from Israel.

This experience is one of my best travels so far. I still hope to chase more sunrise and sunsets in the future. 


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