How I fell inlove with moody nature theme in photography.

Living in a tropical country like the Philippines, I’ve always waited for the cloudy and rainy days. Something about the overcast sky and the thunders make me feel calm and free. I know most people would exchange any rainy days for a sunny, summery one but that’s not the case with me.

I’ve always imagined how things would appear when I photograph them in a lowlight, overcast or rainy day. Long before I had a camera and mobile phone cameras became a trend, I’ve always imagined photographing things, but only in my mind. I imagine them as dark and mysterious, lovely but also bewitching, minimal but artistic and dreamy.

Few years after, Facebook and Instagram became famous as a photography portal for anyone with a camera or mobile phone cameras and I also joined the bandwagon. I enjoyed taking photographs of random things but I’ve still wanted to take my dream photography theme. It took me 6mos after I had my first dslr camera to really apply the theme I imagined all these time on my photographs:

Moody, dreamy and bewitching nature photographs.

More photos on my instagram account @annie.mee 😊


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